The Riddled Barcrawl

The game is more of a structure for a series of riddles, quizzes or games, to take out and about in bars for a fun night out.

4-12 persons can participate. If more than 6 pers, pairs can be formed. The number of pairs+1 is the number of venues to visit throughout the night.

Each person or pair creates a riddle for the others to solve. The answer to the riddle must lead to a bar, restaurant or other venue, where the next riddle can be presented.

In this way a series of riddles, each solved at a separate venue lead the group around town. While the entire route remains a surprise to everyone along.

An ‘assistant’ – not taking coming along the trip – lays out the order of venues through the trip. This serves the purpose in order for the group to move around town in a short rational path.

For this assistant to know the venues selected, every person or pair inform this assistant (and only the assistant)

Once the route is laid out, the assistant makes a deck of envelopes for the group to bring on the trip. The envelopes are numbered 1..n. Each envelope contain only the name(s) of the next person or pair to present their riddle or quiz.