Robo(a)t Workshop

funded by Kulturhavn365

The workshop was free and open to everyone upon registration. 19 registrations and we were full.

The aim was to let interests meet through building remote controlled or autonomous sail drones. We had only two days, Saturday and Sunday to build and test. One motor boat and one remote controlled sailboat, an autonomous boat without electronics, and a propeller boat with electronics but without control were made. Many other designs were almost ready to launch, they might be finalized later…

Photos by: Mads Rudolf

Startup discussions after the introduction



more setting up raspberry zero

sewing a flag

turning ballbearing fitting for mast

programming transmitter

sawing and sanding

Sanding aerofoils

final touch

launching motor boat

testing a successful remote controlled design

testing motor boat

checking last things before launch

recovering after problems with ice in the water



ready to launch